Treatise of the Vine 

Dunod 3rd edition

Physiology – Terroir – Cultivation


Alain Carbonneau and Laurent Torregrosa, Professors at Montpellier SupAgro

Co-authors (academics and researchers from L’institut Agro-SupAgro and Inrae Montpellier): 

Alain Deloire, Anne Pellegrino, Florent Pantin, Charles Romieu, Hernan Ojeda, Benoit Jaillard, Aurélie Métay, Philippe Abbal

The Treatise of the Vine offers detailed scientific knowledge on the biology of the vine and discusses sustainable approaches to viticulture. Educational and richly illustrated (a picture is worth a thousand words), it brings together theory and practice.

The first section deals with vine function: the effects of water, CO2, solar radiation, temperature and mineral elements on the physiology, biochemistry and morphology of the vine are described. New research results on berry development are presented (asynchrony of berry development, new approaches of berry sugar and organic acid evolution…). Grape metabolism and vine genetics are discussed. 

The second section is devoted to the practice of viticulture including cultural and technical aspects of vine cultivation, climate change and the use of climate indices in viticulture, vineyard establishment, soil management, canopy management, irrigation and fertigation, and the prediction of harvest dates considering wine aromatic profiles.

Developed by an interdisciplinary collaboration, this third edition is aimed at students and graduates of higher education in agronomy, especially in Vine and Wine (agricultural engineers, masters and enologists), wishing to deepen their knowledge. It is also an essential resource for professionals and technicians in the wine sector and experts in plant and environmental sciences.