Alain has been involved in mainy succesful actions of knowledge and methods transfer toward the wine industry and training actions for students. Knowledge and methods are from research outcomes mainly linked to the PhD students supervised by him and numerous collaborative R&D projects.  He is often invited at professional seminars and/or for consulting.  Alain is involved as chief investigator in a collaborative project on research adoption in Australia.

More in Chinese:

Working for winery in Australia with my colleagues Dr Katja Suklje (one of my former PhD student) and Campbell Meek (winemaker)
Tasting wine at Chateau Hedong winery (Ningxia Province of China, September 2018)
The pressure Chamber to measure vine water status (Carbonneau et al., 2015, Dunod Edt). 

For each wine category and style, Grapevine Harvest Time (GHT) could be linked to the evolution of berry sugar loading (mg/berry).  

A few published practical informations for growers, wineries and students


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Dyostem tool to measure berry volume and colour evolution